Our Business
Globe Chemicals provides customers with ongoing technical support, dedicated sales support, and total hygiene management. In support of our quality of service, we provide:
  1. Training:
     Initial: - Topics covered.
     Product introduction
     Product Handling
     Product Application
     Product Storage
     Health & Safety

     On-going - Every quarterly: Topics covered
     Product Handling
     Product Application
     Product Storage
     Health & Safety

     Training & Certifications:
     On Completion
  2. Audits
     Hygiene Audit – Monthly or as and when requested.
     Microbiology Swab Test – Once quarterly or when requested.
  3. Services
     Illustrated product charts and safety signs provided free of charge as per requirements
  4. Dosing System
     Provided and maintained by Globe Chemicals Free of Charge.
  5. Technical Service
     Preventive maintenance every month and emergency services attended within a Day.

Globe Chemicals shall provide the following after sales services to enable implementing the policy of cost effectiveness and chemical consumption control.
Product Application
Programs for various linen classifications
    1.Laundry Aims
    2.Laundry Operations
     (a) Collecting    (b) Transporting    (c) Sorting    (d) Washing    (e) Rinsing    (f) Extracting    (g) Drying   
     (h) Finishing    (i) Flat work ironing    (j) Pressing    (k) Folding    (I) Storing    (m) Accounting.      3.Health & Safety
   4.Chemical Safety handling & storage
    a. Provide identified stations for laundry Chemicals supply.
    b. Allow the correct usage of chemical dilution
    c. Provide a cost – effective usage of the on –use chemicals.
  5.Cost control
  6.Daily machine cleaning & maintenance.

Free service Audit will be made every fortnight in order to monitor the smooth functioning & sanitization of the laundry and will be reported to the Head of the department.
The following test will be carried out free of charge as and where it is required and will be reported to the Head of the department.
1. Alkalinity test (2) Chlorine test (3) PH test (4) Hardness (5) Rust (6) Whiteness report.
All the attendees will be issued with a certificate at the end of the training.
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